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Maria Garcia Vidondo

VP Platform Operations

Maria is responsible for the quality and performance of the Bango Platform, ensuring that services are always available for Bango partners, operating at the highest standard. She leads customer-facing support teams, working closely with operators and app stores, promoting the uptake of services and ensuring the best user experience. Working across departments, Maria reviews operational requirements to drive the development and performance of the platform.

Maria is a seasoned Operations lead, who thrives in the complex world of infrastructure projects, process alignment and designing customer-centric processes. She began her career at DANTE Ltd (Delivery of Advanced Network to Europe), where she quickly rose from Network Engineer to Operations Manager and finally Operations Director. At DANTE she worked with clients such as CERN and DEISA, devising technical, operational and procurement strategies to deliver services with 99.999% availability.

Maria loves to travel and particularly enjoys spending time in Asia. In early 2013 she spent six weeks volunteering on infrastructure projects in Cambodia. A Spanish native, Maria holds a master’s degree in Telecoms Engineering from the Public University of Navarra in Spain, and has lived in the United Kingdom since 2000.