Bango for app stores

Bango powers mobile payments for leading app stores and brands

Bango powers mobile payments for many of the world's leading app stores and brands. These include Amazon, BlackBerry World, Facebook, Firefox Marketplace, Google Play and Windows Phone Store. Bango delivers everything from simple pay-to-download to advanced subscription services, deploying the very latest direct operator billing technology and credit cards to meet the broad range of app store and in-app payment needs.

The Bango Payments Platform automatically identifies hundreds of millions of users for one-click payment, even when users are connected via Wi-Fi. A key element of Bango's value to app stores is the scale and quality of our billing connections. With more than 100 connections to global operators in place, and a total reach exceeding one billion mobile users, only Bango has the technology, reach and experience to deliver a truly frictionless app store payment experience.

Bango cloud user ID platform

Bango Platform effect maximizes revenue

Bango assigns mobile users with a unique, persistent User ID made up of multiple server-stored parameters. The User ID is enriched using information supplied securely to Bango by mobile network operators, device manufacturers, browser developers and other third parties. The result is instant user authentication, and one-click payment on a massive scale.

Bango Payments operator connections

Highest quality billing connections to optimize operator billing

Bango's integration team is a well-oiled machine, able to bring new connections online quickly and efficiently. Bango provides real operator billing, passing transactions through a reliable direct billing API, as opposed to an indirect and error prone reliance on Premium SMS.

Operator billing conversion rate with Bango Payments

Unbeatable conversion rates

Bango harnesses mass user-authentication to offer a frictionless payment experience. In addition, Bango deploys proven, highly refined payment flows and reflects local currency, local language and local taxation. As a result, Bango delivers more successful payments than any other payment provider.

Bango handles the complexities

Bango handles the complexities

Bango navigates all merchant of record, taxation and settlement complexities, handles large-scale developer on-boarding with automatic account creation and mass out payment of earnings. We deliver detailed real-time reporting to app store owners and their developers, covering payments, refunds, app and website use, as well as comprehensive marketing campaign measurement.

For app stores

Only Bango optimizes operator billing to increase content sales by 200% - 1000%.

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For mobile operators

Only Bango guarantees higher revenues than direct operator connections.

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For publishers & developers

Only Bango technology supercharges sales of operator billed content.

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Key Features

  • Complete billing solution for app store and in-app purchases
  • Full billing solution for mobile and PC websites
  • Direct operator billing connections worldwide
  • Credit cards and PayPal
  • Pay-to-download and advanced subscription billing
  • Merchant of record, taxation and settlement processing
  • Automatic developer on-boarding and account setup
  • Mass out payment of earnings
  • Comprehensive customer care solution with refund tools
  • Risk/fraud management
  • Advanced Web Service APIs for seamless integration
  • Detailed, real-time reporting for all payments and refunds
  • Secure consumer authentication solution and API
  • Sophisticated analytics tracks mobile customers from acquisition through to payment
  • Integrated reporting of apps, sites and marketing campaigns
  • Easy refund and subscription management
  • Comprehensive marketing campaign measurement
  • Secure payments infrastructure operates to public company audit standards