Bango for app stores

Revolutionize the way customers buy from your app store

Why app stores plug into Bango

Bango directly integrates app stores with over 130 mobile operators, in more than 60 countries. Google Play, Amazon, BlackBerry World, Facebook, Firefox Marketplace and Windows Phone Store already depend on Bango to process millions of on-bill payments.

Bango enables your customers to pay immediately, by placing the charge on their mobile phone bill. Unique Bango user authentication technology maximizes the number of successful one-click payments, increasing customer satisfaction. Bango Payment works from app stores on all devices and network connections.

Bango technology gets you to market faster, more cost effectively and with higher quality to ensure maximum earnings with a stronger subscriber engagement and insight.

Operator Integrations Checklist

Advanced on-bill payments with deeper operator integrations

Multiple tier-one app store relationships have provided Bango with privileged carrier billing access. It gives you deeper, more advanced and higher quality payment integrations. It also means Bango is market hardened to ensure faster performance, greater functionality, industry leading stability and higher sales success.

Bango Payments operator connections

Immediate access to multiple markets

Integration with Bango is as simple as credit card but delivers higher sales success. Once integrated you have immediate access to over 130 pre-integrated Direct Carrier Billing systems, with many more on the way. We will work with you to plan your deployment. All integrations are of the highest app store quality, which means they are always-on, super-fast and with low latency, and never a sign of Premium SMS or intermediaries.

Lower costs and higher earnings

Lower costs and higher earnings

Bango delivers a fully managed payment service, removing capital expenditure and infrastructure investment. Immediate pre-integration with over 130 carrier billing systems gets you to revenue faster with significant per-operator cost saving – more operators mean more savings and higher earnings.

Mobile operators

Bango takes your on-bill payments into the world’s leading app stores.

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App stores

Bango’s deep operator integrations revolutionize how your customers pay for content.

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  • Complete billing solution for app store and in-app purchases
  • Full billing solution for mobile and PC websites
  • Direct carrier billing connections worldwide
  • Credit cards and PayPal
  • Pay-to-download and advanced subscription billing
  • Merchant of record, taxation and settlement processing
  • Automatic developer on-boarding and account setup
  • Mass out payment of earnings
  • Comprehensive customer care solution with refund tools
  • Risk/fraud management
  • Advanced Web Service APIs for seamless integration
  • Detailed, real-time reporting for all payments and refunds
  • Secure consumer authentication solution and API
  • Sophisticated analytics tracks mobile customers from acquisition through to payment
  • Integrated reporting of apps, sites and marketing campaigns
  • Easy refund and subscription management
  • Comprehensive marketing campaign measurement
  • Secure payments infrastructure operates to public company audit standards