Bango Dashboard

A unified view of app store billing for operators

Bango Dashboard for operators complements the Bango Payments Platform by delivering unique sales insights about the products mobile subscribers are purchasing from leading app stores, including Google Play, using carrier billing.

Bango Dashboard data gives carrier billing teams the ability to forecast future payment trends and deliver the best customer performance. Product and marketing teams can build stronger relationships with app stores and developers. Marketing campaigns can be optimized and targeted to generate maximum customer engagement and incremental payment revenues.

The degree to which data is exposed can be controlled by the app store provider, through a Disclosure Control feature, so that details such as device type or content name can be concealed or reported at the discretion of the app store.

Bango's app store customers

Analyze and compare multiple app stores or merchants

Only Bango enables operators to consistently measure and compare purchases made with their carrier billing systems across the major app stores for the broadest view.

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Online in real-time

Bango Dashboard is available online, at any time, from any device – delivering up to the minute, real-time sales information whenever you need it.

Accessible across the entire organisation to allow marketing, operations and technical teams to quickly utilize the data for maximum benefit. Accounts and tiered permissions ensure only permitted staff have access.

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Precise and secure

Unique cloud-based technology ensures precision and knowledge across all stores and networks, while protecting individual customers identity and spending habits.

Mobile operators

Bango takes your on-bill payments into the world’s leading app stores.

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Bango’s deep operator integrations revolutionize how your customers pay for content.

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  • Powerful online dashboard tools, accessible from any device at any time
  • Analyze carrier billing sales data across multiple app stores, including Google Play, Microsoft Windows Phone Store, BlackBerry World and Firefox Marketplace
  • Understand top selling products and trends
  • Integrated with payment reports and customer care systems

Next Steps

Mobile operators already using Bango Payments are invited to evaluate the new Bango Dashboard. Contact sales for further information

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