Bango Identity

Trusted, persistent cloud identity

Bango Identity technology

Bango Identity technology delivers a persistent and unique customer identity across websites and applications on any device.

It is the foundation for Bango's massively smooth payments technology, enabling users to pay for content with one-click, from any device. Bango Identity automatically authenticates customers without login screens and allows every user's mobile experience to be personalized.

The Bango User Identity is constructed from an extensive range of network, device and user factors. It is constantly updated and enriched by new information gathered from the transactions Bango processes across its massive app store and merchant footprint.

Bango User ID cloud platform

Unique cloud architecture

Bango's identity technology is cloud based rather than device based. It securely combines multiple device, network and open identities with on-going activity history to maximize precision.

Identities and data points are verified, updated and reinforced each time a user re-engages with a merchant or app store that is Bango-enabled. This means accuracy is maintained over time and identities can be merged or linked as required.

Complete user journey

Common identity between websites and apps, across multiple devices

Bango identifies the same user across websites and applications. Unique cloud technology, strategic partnerships and network identities go beyond standard device fingerprint techniques to deliver a precision not available elsewhere. Cross device user identification is also supported using 3rd party data and open identities. Multiple levels of user identity precision are supported - right up to billing-grade.

Safe and secure

Safe and secure

Bango gives each person a unique Bango User ID to ensure anonymity. Data is segmented and stored securely in the cloud and not on the mobile device, which allows any device connections or opt-ins to be deleted or disconnected at any point should a user's device be lost or stolen. Bango provides clear data ownership and exchange policies while each user gains transparency and control.

Mobile operators

Bango takes your on-bill payments into the world’s leading app stores.

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App stores

Bango’s deep operator integrations revolutionize how your customers pay for content.

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  • Real-time user identification
  • Anonymized Bango User ID
  • Stores muliple data points in the cloud for the highest precision
  • Leverages many strategic mobile partnerships
  • Website and app personalization capabilities
  • Fast and flexible integration:
    • IDXML API leverages the latest web technologies and extensive mobile partnerships for real-time identity
    • Identifier API delivers real-time identity via a simple HTTP redirect
    • User Information API provides identity lookup and information about operators, devices and networks
    • Event Notification API informs of user events after pixel tags fire