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One-click payment for every device

Facebook US mobile operator billing payment experience with Bango Payments

Plugging into Bango's hosted cloud payments platform is the quickest and safest way to maximize your mobile earnings. Bango takes care of all the hard stuff, including adapting payments to each device, language, currency and taxation models, ensuring compliance with local regulations and settlement standards.

Our pervasive presence across leading app stores, brands, websites and apps means we can profile your latest customer - even before you. This detailed history uniquely enables Bango to personalize the payment experience for each of your customers ensuring more of them gets that perfect one-click payment - even new customers connecting via Wi-Fi.

Bango also supplies a comprehensive set of advanced APIs designed for large app stores and major merchants, giving complete control of the payment experience.

One-click payment for Wi-Fi connected users with Bango Payments video

More successful one-click payments

Bango technology delivers significantly more successful one-click payments than anyone else. This is because it already knows the credentials of over 250 million customers and reaches over a billion worldwide. Our unique cloud identity automatically authenticates people first time, even when they connect to pay over Wi-Fi.

App store conversion rates with Bango Payments versus DIY

Fastest time to market

Simply pass your customer to Bango, we collect the payment and pass them back - it's that simple. We take care of all the hard stuff, such as presenting the payment clearly and simply on every device, identifying and authenticating customers on operator networks and Wi-Fi, managing all of the merchant of record, taxation and settlement and compliance complexities.

Mozilla Marketplace Spanish mobile payment experience with Bango Payments


Bango already processes millions of payments for the leading app stores. Our hosted HTML5 payment technology was selected by Mozilla, the pioneers of web technology, to provide one-click payments in their new Firefox Marketplace.

For app stores

Only Bango optimizes operator billing to increase content sales by 200% - 1000%.

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For mobile operators

Only Bango guarantees higher revenues than direct operator connections.

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For publishers & developers

Only Bango technology supercharges sales of operator billed content.

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Key Features

  • Advanced cloud based mobile payments platform
  • Automatic customer identification and authentication with support for Wi-Fi and operator networks
  • Dynamically adapts to device type and screen characteristics
  • Automatic support of credit card where operator billing is not available
  • Apply your own style and brand
  • Local languages and currencies
  • Supports local taxes, regulations and payment standards
  • Fully automatic subscription engine that maximizes customer engagement
  • Smart risk and fraud management
  • Highest security and privacy standards
  • Optional intelligence related to stores, websites, apps and marketing campaigns