Bango for mobile operators

Only Bango delivers all the major app stores pre-integrated and ready to go.

Fully managed

Superior technology

Bango’s shared platform unifies authentication and insight across app stores and devices to deliver improved customer experiences and improved real-time monitoring.

Bango’s strategic app store relationships ensure advanced payment integrations for unrivalled features and performance.

Bango delivers a complete solution – from direct payment processing to financial settlement and reporting.

Faster time to revenue chart

Fastest time to revenue

With Bango all the app stores are pre-integrated and ready to go – your hardest decision is which to launch first.

Bango’s experienced project team does all the hard work – integrating with your billing system in days not weeks.

You plug into an existing market hardened platform that already processes millions of payments for app stores.

Lower costs and higher earnings

Lowest costs with highest earnings

You have no capital expenditure, no infrastructure investment, no per app store integration costs and Bango takes care of ongoing upgrades.

Bango’s cloud-based platform is shared across a growing number of app stores and mobile operators to continuously drive costs lower.

Unique technology and app store quality ensures the best payment experience for your customers, maximizing revenues and minimizing customer care costs.


Mobile operators

Bango takes your on-bill payments into the world’s leading app stores.

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App stores

Bango’s deep operator integrations revolutionize how your customers pay for content.

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  • Unified app store payment solution for operators
  • Leading app stores all pre-integrated and ready to go, at no cost
  • Bango performs direct billing integration with the operator
  • Bango technology delivers compliance with app store standards
  • Payment processing for app stores, in-app and websites
  • Supports smartphones, tablets, desktop, smart TV and more
  • One-time payments and repeat subscriptions
  • Flexible financial settlement across all app stores
  • Bango Dashboard provides valuable customer insight across integrated app stores
  • Subscriber authentication technology protects identity across devices
  • Secure payments infrastructure operates to public company audit standards