Bango for mobile operators

Revolutionize the way your subscribers pay for app store content

Why mobile operators plug into Bango

Bango directly integrates over 130 mobile operators, in more than 60 countries, with major app stores worldwide, including Google Play, Amazon, BlackBerry World, Facebook, Firefox Marketplace and Windows Phone Store.

Bango enables your mobile network subscribers to pay with major app stores using nothing more than their mobile phone bill. Customers simply click to buy digital content using any device or network connection - including smartphones, tablets or smart TVs.

Bango gets you live with all the app stores faster, more cost effectively and with higher quality to ensure maximum earnings with a stronger subscriber engagement and insight.

Better technology and relationships

Better technology and relationships

Bango technology and exclusive app store relationships drive deeper, more advanced integrations, ensuring unrivalled performance and reliability. We deliver the complete solution, including direct payment processing, financial settlement, customer care, online management and detailed reporting. Our unique user authentication technology improves one-click payment success and helps eliminate risk.

Faster time to revenue chart

Faster time to revenue – one integration delivers all app stores

Unique Bango technology allows our experienced project teams to integrate your billing system in days not weeks. All our app stores come pre-integrated, so your hardest decision is which ones to launch first. Bango offers unrivalled speed to market, to maximize your revenues and strengthen your customer engagement.

Lower costs and higher earnings

Lower costs and higher earnings

Bango Payment is an advanced cloud-based solution – there is no capital expenditure, no infrastructure investment, no up-front development or per app store costs. Bango takes care of integrations with your billing systems and all the app stores come pre-integrated – the more stores you select, the more you save. Bango authentication technology and proven quality ensures customers can always pay using the best experience, maximizing revenues and minimizing customer care costs.

Mobile operators

Bango takes your on-bill payments into the world’s leading app stores.

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App stores

Bango’s deep operator integrations revolutionize how your customers pay for content.

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  • Advanced payment capabilities
  • Leading app stores pre-integrated and ready to go
  • Robust billing APIs for in-app, app stores and websites
  • Mass developer on-boarding, management and reporting
  • Operator reporting and analytics shows activity, sales, revenues, and system monitoring
  • Subscriber identification and information API
  • Subscription platform APIs
  • Customer care tools and APIs
  • Age verification solutions
  • Reports linking payments with advertising campaigns
  • Campaign measurement for ad networks and advertisers