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Carrier billing spend limits

Carrier billing spend limits

An operator choosing to implement spend limits should take into account consumer spend patterns in app stores and the end user pricing of today’s popular apps and content.

This white paper uses real market data to show what happens to sales growth when different spend limits are applied. It explains how blanket spend limits can dramatically impact the 20% of customers that drive 80% of spend. This paper also analyzes the real risk of customer over-spend and recommends practical steps to maximize spend without increasing risk.

Here's what you'll learn in this white paper:

  • The varying spending behaviors of different customer categories
  • The most common price points for digital goods across stores today
  • How setting a spend limit too high does very little to control risk
  • How protecting a consumer with spend limits can increase customer care costs
  • How setting spend limits too low can lead to one third of customers failing to pay
  • Recommendations for how operators can best manage spend limits

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