The Audiens Customer Data Platform extends the value of the Bango Platform to increase the effectiveness and relevance of your advertising and marketing campaigns – growing customer acquisition and monetization.

Join together all your digital touch points through one platform to build a complete picture of your customer base.

Automatically access all your Bango payment data through the Audiens CDP. Model it into customer segments and activate these across a wide range of marketing channels including DoubleClick, AppNexus, The Trade Desk, Adform, BrightRoll, Sizmek, MailChimp and more.

  • Use segments in-house to grow the success of your own marketing campaigns
  • Share segments with selected partners to identify joint marketing opportunities
  • Select to sell customer segments to games and app developers, and other 3rd party brands, to unleash the full revenue potential of your customer base

Further grow marketing success by adding more customer data directly from all parts of your business – websites, apps, CRM or physical stores. You retain full control over what data segments are made available, along with precisely who can use them. Understand how your customer segments are being used, who is using them and measure the success of campaigns.

With Audiens, you can deliver the most relevant, personalized ads to specific consumers, driving increased customer acquisition, loyalty and spend.

Seamless integration with major digital marketing channels

Audiens allows for seamless push of your first-party data inventory and audience segments to major digital marketing channels, enabling you to maximize revenue and enhance ad performance.