Content providers, online stores, resellers and payment providers all cross the threshold into the Bango ecosystem to collaborate, grow and thrive.

The Bango strategy is to find new ways to monetize payment data, which in turn attracts more payment providers – such as mobile operators & retailers – to cross over to the Bango Platform, bringing more end user spend (EUS) and more data.

Global merchants continue to expand their use of the Bango Platform, benefiting from the unique insights into consumer behavior gathered by the platform to grow payment volumes and improve user experience. Bango Marketplace makes the power of these insights available to app developers for the first time. The data gathered during payment activity boosts the success of merchant marketing, which in turn drives more payments.

Consumer spending on apps and digital content continues to grow rapidly. Phone users spend over $120Bn on apps a year, and app developers around $60Bn in marketing to grow their businesses. For Bango, with its unique data insights to improve marketing and payment efficiency, there is a large and strategically valuable opportunity to become the place where developers and payment providers connect and thrive, increasingly making Bango the technology behind every payment choice.

The idea of the Bango Circle is a powerful one: being inside the Bango circle means global merchants including Amazon, Google and Microsoft can work together with payment partners from Africa to the Americas, accelerating the performance of everyone.