Attracting, motivating and retaining talent has never been more important, or harder.

The challenge for employers today is simply to stand out – to have that edge, the difference that attracts the best, motivates performance and retains your best people. Traditional benefits and rewards fail to excite – lists of unengaging vouchers, cashback deals and discount codes, which are easily found elsewhere.

Companies need to think differently, to be dynamic, exciting and to standout, delivering real value that engages the passions of individual team members. 

Benefits that are as individual as your employees

Everyone in your team has their favorite subscription services. From enjoying TV and movies with the family, gaming with friends, or music to listen when working, 85% of employees pay for at least one service and 25% subscribe to 9 or more. Now you can leverage your employees’ love for their subscriptions by making them part of your benefits program. Easily offer content and services that actively encourage employee discussion, ideas, learning and relaxation.

Go far beyond simply offering shopping vouchers and discounts. Do something cool that stands out. 

Benefits that are fresh and desirable

Your business keeps the team motivated and engaged. Your benefits package should do the same. Easily add new subscription benefits all the time, allowing employees to simply change each month. Select which benefits to include free for all, like fitness or mental health apps. Deliver these rewards direct from payroll and enable employees to add more, with great discounts. 

Involve employees in the selection, encourage ideas and discussions that further grows engagement and perceived company value.

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Direct, engaging and simple

Beyond healthcare, pensions and vacations, 62% of all other benefits fail to excite and engage most employees. Bango changes that.

Allow employees to easily discover, select and manage all their favorite services in one place – their employer. Bango provides everything you need to deliver subscriptions as benefits – no complex monthly code redemption, no handing employees off to a dozen different product sites – just one simple, unified solution that saves time and removes complexity.

Employers have direct ownership of the rewards, perks and benefits presented to employees, strengthening the partnership between employer and employee, making you stand out. 

Benefit One, a leading Japanese employee benefits platform, enables employers to offer streaming movies as benefits using Bango.

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