June 10, 2020▪︎Anna Todd

Finding new paying users is an ongoing challenge for app developers. It has a dramatic impact on revenue, but it can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Bango experts have created a downloadable guide packed full of tips and tricks to acquire new users from your Facebook marketing campaigns

We will explain how to increase the return on your Facebook marketing campaigns. You will learn:

  • The foundations for success that will get you to revenue faster
  • Why a strategy that considers monetization and acquisition together is vital
  • Essential tools for accurate tracking and effective analysis
  • Which ad types and placements engage users and increase payment conversions
  • Focussed targeting approaches that reach the elusive 5% of users who pay in apps and deliver over 80% of revenue

This guide follows hotly on the heels of our highly successful webinar ‘Make UA pay’, where industry experts talked about their approach to UA. Panellist Sam Bevan from Snap Inc highlighted why now is time to focus on UA and monetization together:

“At times like this, businesses are looking more cautiously at making sure dollars deliver results. It’s not about just having loads of users and hoping maybe they’ll invest in the future. It’s all about needing users to invest from day one.”

Our new guide will help you find those elusive paying users and see a higher return on your Facebook marketing investment. Download now