Andy has a real passion for technology, especially anything related to mobile, IoT or web. At Bango he is responsible for new business, exploring the latest opportunities and partnerships to drive value and growth. Using extensive experience of technology platforms and marketing analytics, Andy works to unify payment and data strategy and realize business potential.

Andy has 25 years' experience within the global internet market, working for both start-ups and established brands in Europe and the USA. He has been active with the World Wide Web from its inception and was involved in the first web conference, at CERN in 1994. Andy integrated a wide range of web technologies into the X-desktop product range for IXI Ltd; he introduced the world to the web-based Desktop (Webtop) at SCO; and designed the first web-based remote application access solutions for Tarantella Inc., allowing mobile workforces to use mission critical applications from centrally located Unix, Linux and Windows servers over the Internet.

Before joining Bango, Andy was Head of Marketing and Product Management for ANT plc, the leading supplier of web-based user interface platforms for the IPTV market. Prior to that, he was responsible for worldwide marketing at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. Andy holds a BSc in Computer Science from Staffordshire University.

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