Carolyn is responsible for overall financial management of Bango, for corporate financial functions and financial relationships with Bango partners.

The global reach of Bango requires a wide range of financial models, Carolyn ensures the smooth running of the team delivering this commercial flexibility. Carolyn has responsibility for innovation and management in critical finance functions, and is closely involved in budgeting, forecasting and monitoring the projected performance of Bango. Carolyn works with product development to ensure the Bango Platform can scale and handle complex requirements.

Experienced in CFO roles at fast growing technology businesses and public companies, Carolyn is accomplished at maintaining tight financial control and driving profitability in global businesses. Before joining Bango Carolyn held executive roles at, Zinwave, Isogenica, Birdlife and Sepura PLC. Carolyn is a Fellow and Chair for Chartered Institute of Management Accountants East Midlands and East Anglia Region and Chair for the Institute of Directors Cambridgeshire Region.

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