As Product Owner for Bango Marketplace, Santi is responsible for leading the definition through to delivery of the unique product for app developers. He has a detailed knowledge of the technical aspects of the product solutions to be delivered, as well as understanding of the business and customer needs that drive them.

Santi has over 15 years' of experience in software development. He is the proud owner of the BAFTA (Bango Award For Tremendous Achievement) “Clever Technology Award” as lead designer of the Payments API in use by Amazon in Japan. Before joining Bango, Santi worked for a software firm in Barcelona, Spain, driving technology adoption and migration from older technologies for international courier companies.

  • Do you have any nicknames? When I lived in Spain, I used to fly single engine aircraft and did some aerobatics. I was known back then as "Pelofanta", literal translation "Fanta-hair". I even had a fan club with 2 members!
  • Which is your favorite t-shirt? I have one themed after Game of Thrones. It says "I drink, and I know things. That’s what I do", which kind-of reflects what I do at Bango
  • What's the next thing you'll learn? I am currently reading some books about corporate finance, a topic I find fascinating. I also would like to learn to restore classic cars in the not too distant future
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