This guide explains how operators can unlock the full carrier billing revenue opportunity from app stores

Simply activating Direct Carrier Billing in an app store will not deliver the full revenue potential. In fact the majority of operators fall some way short of this and accept the initial results as the best they can get. For maximum potential to be realized, there are multiple activities operators should undertake.

This guide will help operators capture the full revenue opportunity that carrier billing offers by recommending ways to:

  1. Boost the number of subscribers making payments
  2. Increase your subscribers’ motivation to purchase
  3. Maximize spend limits for post-paid customers
  4. Compare revenue performance against market benchmarks
  5. Get the most from pre-paid subscribers
  6. Minimize payment failures
  7. Increase payment success with a faster purchase experience

Finally we summarize the three "must do" actions that every operator needs to take to support carrier billing for app stores.

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