Telcos, mobile operators and wallet providers connect to Bango to win more users and grow payment revenues from their merchant partnerships.

The Bango Platform provides a single point of integration that allows your payment method to be offered to the world’s leading online merchants and stores. No additional integration or development. Adding new merchants is quick and easy with Bango, with the promise of more growth than can be achieved through any other integration method.

The impact of Bango Platform technology, deployed across major merchants boosts payment success rates, and acquires more paying users than is possible by direct integration to individual merchants.

Sharp focus on payment performance

Direct connections between payment providers and merchants can limit revenue growth.  Without the diversity of merchants and methods processed through the Bango platform, bilateral integrations lack the insights and advantages provided by an industry-wide payments platform.

Bango technology applies these insights beyond initial connectivity, focusing on optimization of payment routes to deliver more end user spend and more revenue.

Unique Bango Boost+ technology helps to maximize performance by setting up payment routes optimally. Bango Boost+ increases usage of the payment service by applying data insights that attract new customers. As regularly billed subscriptions become more popular with users, Bango technology ensures renewals are scheduled at times when people have the funds to pay for the renewal.

Partner with the global leaders

With the Bango platform you have access to the global leaders, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Spotify, plus other popular merchants and stores. Bango makes connection to these businesses simple, leaving you to focus on the marketing and commercial success of your chosen partners.

Generate a second stream of revenue from online payments

In addition to the revenue from your payment connection, Bango payment partners can participate in the Bango Marketplace program to safely monetize payment data. Sound too good to be true? Check it out here.