In the era of mobile technology, collecting payments has emerged as a central and complex challenge. Bango powers payment and analytics on the mobile web, providing users with a massively smooth payment experience.

Bango's pervasive presence across the web creates a platform effect for partners, identifying hundreds of millions of users and maximizing the number of one-click payments. Global leaders plugging into Bango include Amazon, BlackBerry World, Facebook, Firefox Marketplace, Google Play, Windows Phone Store and major mobile brands including CNN, Cartoon Network and EA Mobile.

“As more people access the internet from mobile devices, Bango provides the essential technology that every business needs to be successful on mobile”

Ray Anderson, CEO of Bango

About Bango

Founded in 1999 and listed on The London Stock Exchange (AIM: BGO) in 2005, Bango's payment platform is deployed with the world's leading digital content platforms, including Google Play, Facebook, BlackBerry World, Windows Phone Store and Amazon.

Bango is growing rapidly and is increasingly vital to leading mobile brands, who back Bango’s vision to make a frictionless payment experience available to every mobile device user in the world.

Bango's journey

Formed in 1999, Bango was the pioneer of mobile internet payments, partnering with leading operators to launch 'charge to bill' services and opening-up mobile payments to early adopters and major content publishers. From 2001 to 2005, Bango established the "browse and buy" model for mobile payments. This technology delivered a familiar e-commerce experience on a mobile phone screen. By 2005, when Bango floated on the Alternative Investments Market on the London Stock Exchange, Bango had a broad section of content providers using its direct-to-consumer billing platform. The arrival of faster mobile internet connections and better devices gradually drove more usage of mobile services.

As the smartphone revolution became increasingly prevalent, and app stores emerged as a primary distribution channel, Bango has become the de-facto leader in its space, powering payments for many of the world’s largest app stores. This had two significant impacts on paid content which combined to transform Bango’s business:

  • Users discovered that smartphones were good internet devices. More than that, they were great for consuming and paying for content of all types.
  • These smartphone platforms came with a pre-loaded content ecosystem.

Bango recognized its payments technology was as relevant to a global app store as to a global publisher. Thus, the company focused its attention on the big smartphone platforms, and in 2010 struck a deal with RIM to provide billing for its BlackBerry World store.

In October 2012 Bango announced that its total reach for mobile payments exceeded one billion users. By the end of that year, the first Google Play market to capitalize on Bango's state of the art billing was launched.

Bango today

Bango has quickly become the platform chosen by major content channels to monetize paid content, consistently providing an effortless payment experience. Bango's strength in optimizing billing for devices which are on or off the operator network is a unique element of the platform. As mobile payment activity increases, Bango builds an ever larger pool of ‘billable identities’, and all connected customers benefit from Bango’s ability to provide a frictionless payment experience to a rapidly increasing population of mobile users. It’s this growth that drives Bango’s broadest vision: To make Bango's frictionless payment experience available to every mobile phone user worldwide.

Bango continues to acquire major customers for its mobile payments and analytics technology while massively expanding its reach. Bango has built direct billing connections into more than 120 global operators and now holds more than 200 million billable mobile identities.


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Bango's award winning technology extends your one-click payment reach to more customers, in more markets.

Bango powers mobile payments for leading app stores, brands and digital merchants across all devices, networks and connections worldwide.

Bango Dashboard

Bango Dashboard for operators complements the Bango Payments Platform by delivering unique sales insights about the products mobile subscribers are purchasing from Google Play, and other leading app stores, using carrier billing.


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Bango takes your on-bill payments into the world’s leading app stores.

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Bango’s deep operator integrations revolutionize how your customers pay for content.

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Investor relations

AIM Rule 26, announcements and key financial documents are available to read on the Bango Investor Relations website

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