Report finding: Subscribers using carrier billing in Google Play spend more across all operator services

August 22, 2016

News blog

Subscribers using carrier billing in Google Play spend more across all operator services. This is a key finding from a new report published by Bango – “App store carrier billing: Transform… (read more)

Bango Acquires BilltoMobile to Accelerate Carrier Billing in U.S. Market

May 09, 2016

News blog

Mobile payments leader now processing payments across all four major U.S. operators Bango, the number one provider of app store carrier billing (Progressive Equity Research, 2015), today announced it … (read more)

Carrier Billing – Got to catch them all!

July 13, 2016

Bango blog

The urgency to get direct carrier billing deployed and active, to avoid long term loss of access to high spending users has been brought into sharp focus over the last few weeks by the big surge in re… (read more)

New mobile game breaks revenue records

July 11, 2016

Bango blog

Pokémon GO rocketed into the mobile ecosystem last week, claiming the record as the fastest mobile game to hit the top spot, taking over from Clash Royale. Four days after launch, Pokémon GO became th… (read more)

CAS 2015 – I’m a person, not a resource by David Fernández González

January 08, 2016

Dev blog

David Fernández, Scrum master & Software engineer, gave a really excellent and wonderful speech about the eternal dilemma of the resource vs person topic when it comes to the contractual relations… (read more)

CAS 2015 – Niggle syndrome, object orientation and Juan Carlos I’s family by Gerard Chiva

January 06, 2016

Dev blog

Gerard Chiva, Agile and business coach, made a very interesting speech about obsession with attention to detail, quality and pace on product delivery using a very interesting metaphor. Antonio Lopez i… (read more)