Announcing Bango Grid: The global launch pad for carrier billing

March 02, 2015

News blog

Announcing Bango Grid – a new and unique product that enables app stores to launch and manage carrier billing markets with unparalleled ease, as they grow global mobile content sales. Over the last fe… (read more)

Damien Byrne joins Bango as Account Director

February 03, 2015

News blog

We’re delighted to announce our latest key hire, as Damien Byrne has joined Bango in the role of Account Director. This is a newly created role as Bango continues on its growth path, powering payment … (read more)

Shattering app store carrier billing barriers

March 03, 2015

Bango blog

App stores understand that Direct Carrier Billing massively increases their customer’s ability to pay for apps and digital content. Google Play offers carrier billing with 67 mobile operators, while M… (read more)

Samsung gains the most accepted mobile wallet on the planet

February 28, 2015

Bango blog

Samsung has announced further commitment to mobile payments this month with the acquisition of Burlington, Massachusetts, based LoopPay. “Through this deal we can significantly accelerate our mobile c… (read more)


December 23, 2014

Dev blog

It’s Friday, exactly one week since POC JAM! Iain, Alexie, Keir, Dani, Santi, Jack, James, Yomi, Nick, Nelson, Asad, Neil, Sean and Maria gathered in the boardroom to do a retrospective of the event. … (read more)

Bango Dashboard for Operators v2.0

May 15, 2014

Dev blog

The Bango Development Team has just completed work on version 2 of our Bango Dashboard for Operators. This latest version provides you with a more customizable interface, and the ability to drill deep… (read more)