Well, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this fact in Itsmy’s survey of 15,000 users of its mobile social networking community.  Nearly half of its users (42%) only use mobile to connect with their friends via a social networking community while a much higher proportion use mobile most. 

Surely this is a sign that mobile is the way of the future.  The next generation is growing up wedded to their phone and don’t see the need for a PC to communicate and get the information they need when they have the internet on their mobile.

Itsmy survey on social networking activities on mobile

Here’s what else the survey revealed:

  • No matter whether they are from London or San Francisco, the average user is surfing astonishing 160 mobile internet pages per day.
  • Heavy users log in up to 10 times a day with an online time of up to 2.5 hours to write and check their mails and personal messages, find out where their friends are and what they are doing at that moment or upload latest pictures and videos to their personal mobile site.
  • 99% of all respondents have personal content on their mobile phones. This fast growing worldwide phenomenon is just as valid for high class phone owners, like the ones with Nokia N95 and iPhones, as for people with low-priced models.
  • Even the current economic situation does not stop most of them  using mobile internet, despite the high prices: only 1/3 of all respondents tend to reduce their mobile internet time to save money.

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