Experts from Millennial Media, Somo and Yahoo! open-up on creating successful mobile campaigns

Bango Mobile Campaigns white paper

"Instrumenting mobile analytics key for successful mobile campaigns"

It should come as no surprise that when evaluating mobile campaign performance, accurate and independent measurement is the key to success. Last year Bango surveyed leading brands to reveal data integrity as one of the three ‘most wanted’ if mobile is to capture a higher share of on-line marketing budgets.
Yet one year on and a number of brands remain confused about the role mobile analytics plays in the success of their mobile campaigns. Many continue to use the same legacy PC tools for their mobile campaign analytics, unaware of the inaccuracies that result. It is, say the experts, the Achilles heel in the collection of data that businesses rely on to determine mobile campaign effectiveness.
“At Millennial Media, we firmly believe there is an inherent danger to using PC web analytics in mobile” said Erin (Mack) McKelvey, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Millennial Media. “The PC is a vastly different advertising medium.”
To help these brands, Bango has published a white paper with contributions from leading mobile marketing experts from Millennial Media, Somo and Yahoo! The paper provides valuable insights into the most important factors that increase mobile campaign success and highlights the common mistakes that result in lower than expected results.
“Instrumenting mobile analytics as soon as possible is key,” said Brian Morel, Strategic Account Director, Mobile at Yahoo! “The early bird always gets the worm and today is the best time to test and develop your mobile presence before you get left behind.”
According to Anil Malhotra, SVP Marketing at Bango, “While mobile is fundamentally a high performance medium for marketers, no tradesperson constructs something without the right tools to measure-up. By the same token, don’t build a mobile campaign unless you’ve got the software to measure right.”
The new Bango white paper, entitled Measuring mobile campaigns – an audience with the experts, is available to download now.
A note about the contributors:
Millennial Media is the largest independent mobile ad network, serving more than 16 billion impressions per month, delivering highly-targeted campaigns with interaction rates between 3-5% and above. They help brands like Coke, Marriot and Gucci reach, target and engage with consumers worldwide through their innovative ad serving platform. In this white paper Erin (Mack) McKelvey, Senior Vice President of Marketing gives her views on the important factors advertisers should consider for running successful mobile ad campaigns.
Somo is the leading independent mobile advertising agency in Europe. Their mission is to help clients benefit from the rapidly evolving developments in the mobile market. They identify the benefits that mobile marketing can bring to a client’s business, then design, build and deliver first class campaigns across all mobile platforms. Using sophisticated tracking and reporting tools to measure the success of campaigns to ensure that, whatever the objectives are, they are achieved. Somo’s clients include Audi, Interflora and Thorntons. In the white paper Andrew French, Head of Sales at Somo, explains why defining and setting KPIs for your mobile campaign is key, as is using the right tools for measurement. Defining objectives and measuring against them is fundamental for success.
As a global giant in online advertising Yahoo! offers a rich and comprehensive set of mobile ad products designed to help brands reach their audience. With their industry leading mobile advertising platform Yahoo! has shown strong commitment to delivering the best results to partners and brands worldwide. In this white paper Brian Morel, Strategic Account Director, Mobile at Yahoo! offers his advice on analyzing the data and capturing actionable insights to get the most accurate view of mobile campaigns.
Bango is the leading provider of payment and analytics products for businesses targeting the fast growing market of internet enabled mobile phones. Bango’s unique technology and relationships with mobile operators, handset manufacturers and consumers enable significantly higher payment conversion rates for the world’s leading mobile content and application businesses. Bango Analytics provides mobile marketers and website owners with the most accurate understanding of their mobile marketing campaigns, visitors to their mobile websites and activity within their mobile applications