Advertisers track behavior of unique visitors

Mobile ad network Admoda, which serves 1 billion ads per month globally, has partnered with Bango to offer its advertisers key metrics to measure the success of their mobile advertising campaigns. Bango Mobile Analytics enables Admoda advertisers to accurately identify, track and build a profile of each unique visitor, rather than simply measure the number of visits.
Bango’s unique user ID creates an accurate picture of real visitors from anywhere in world, tracking repeat visits and enabling mobile advertisers to create a clear picture of buying patterns and trends.

“The ability to measure mobile advertising response rates and pinpoint where to effectively invest advertising spend is essential for our advertisers,” said Terry Jackson, CEO, Admoda. “Quality analytics allows advertisers to fine tune their sites and optimise their ad campaigns with a view to maximising ROI. Bango Analytics will provide our clients with a comprehensive picture.”

Admoda focuses on delivering targeted ad campaigns for mobile-ready brands such as 4info, Minick, Movilisto, Shozu, Mobilestreams, Buongiorno, and Gameloft and has a separate solution, Adultmoda, suitable for adult and gambling companies. Adultmoda is the only adult mobile web ad network in the world and serves millions of Adult and Gaming ads each day on a global basis.
Advertisers can run targeted mobile web ad campaigns, on a CPM or CPC basis, using banners or text ads. Publishers can also monetize their mobile traffic by running text ads and banner ads on their pages to maximize the revenue generated.
To support further growth of the mobile advertising industry, the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) has recently released global mobile advertising guidelines designed to encourage the uptake by brands worldwide whilst enhancing and protecting the customer’s experience –

“Mobile advertising is an important element in driving traffic to mobile sites and creating brand awareness. Companies like Admoda provide a key service to drive mobile web activity and Bango Analytics adds greater insight and clarity to make measuring results simple,” said Ray Anderson, CEO of Bango.

Bango Analytics operates as a hosted service, allowing mobile website owners anywhere in the world to connect their sites to the Analytics service in minutes and start to use it free of charge. Try it at
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