Advertising and marketing firms entering the mobile marketplace must help brands integrate mobile marketing efforts with Web and other advertising initiatives, Bango said today. “Brands – big and small – need to make the most of Web and WAP marketing investments,” said Bango Vice President of Marketing, Anil Malhotra. “They look to their marketing / advertising partners to fully manage the content and campaigns. As a result, Bango is seeing increased interest from advertising and marketing agencies in Bango services.”
Using a unique open, global infrastructure platform, Bango provides the three essential elements needed for a successful presence on the mobile internet: Bango drives traffic to mobile sites. Bango identifies and provides information about consumers visiting mobile internet sites; and Bango makes it easy to sell mobile content to any consumer in the world.
Fli Digital, a full service agency with expertise in web, print, advertising and mobile, says Bango played a critical role in its successful move into the mobile marketplace.
“Bango allows us to offer the complete package,” said Scott Teger, Fli Digital Co-Founder. “Their open platform, together with our robust content management system (“FLICMS”) allows us to offer our clients a very powerful asset for managing, deploying, and reporting on their marketing goals.”
As a Bango Partner, Fli Digital integrated Bango services in mobile marketing programs for several clients, such as their most recent Website and Mobile Storefront, The integration enabled Fli Digital to:

  • Help Fli Digital clients identify and track customers by verifying client information with the digital fingerprint provided by Bango. Clients use this information for customer service, loyalty programs, and marketing initiatives
  • Pass and receive custom data through the Bango system to ensure proper delivery between Web and WAP sites
  • Manage and report on campaigns, sales, and content performance
  • Enable clients to make real time changes to both their content and pricing for example easily adding new content, featured artists and offering promotional pricing

In a recently developed case study, Bango outlines in detail how this integrated approach helped – a company working to give independent music artists and labels a presence on the mobile internet. To learn more about Bango, visit