Where are the centers of the world’s TV and film industries? Hollywood…..Bombay…..London?

Southeast and East Asia would not make it onto many people’s lists. Yet these are the regions from which Korea’s sudden and dramatic impact on the entertainment world has sprung, in which some of the world’s biggest blockbusters have been made (Thailand), where sports content consumption is increasing at a faster pace than anywhere else and a hub for a new generation of Chinese content has been developed for a global audience. These are the regions that are rapidly becoming the new growth centers for streaming content.

All of these points became clear, last week, at the Asia Video Summit in Hong Kong. This is an event that has run more or less continuously since the 1990s, but until recently has attracted little participation from outside the region. However, this year marked a significant shift as representatives from Google, BBC Studios, Paramount, Warner Brothers Discovery and other global players joined the regional giants in paid TV, content development and streaming.

This year, the presentations and conversations about broadcasting rights licensing and content distribution lined-up with pitches on the rapid rise of streaming and subscription bundling. Tech companies rubbed shoulders with media companies and TV distributors. There was a strong sense that in this part of the world, consumer power has really kicked-in.

It was the first time Bango has participated in Asia Video Summit, promoting the opportunities for the content world to leverage the distribution and monetization power of the telecommunications world. These two industries are already business partners, but the rapid rise of streaming content has multiplied the possibilities.

Bango CMO Anil Malhotra presented the consumer argument for subscription bundling, evidenced by primary research including data from a recent Bango APAC report – Subscription Wars: The subscriber strikes back – and the increasing focus of the big streamers in this part of the world.

The potential of telco bundling partnerships is well understood across Asia. If there was one criticism of the event, it was the absence of any meaningful telco participation. Those who did attend were in complete agreement that streaming presents an incredible opening for telcos to capitalize on.

The door is open in Asia.