Click through and conversion rates provide benchmarks on which to measure success.

Bango today published click through and conversion rates from mobile advertising campaigns to help marketers measure the success of their campaigns. Banner and text ads on mobile websites typically have a click through rate of 2-8% with a conversion rate of 2-5% which can be as high as 12% on some networks. This data was collected by Bango customers who use Bango Mobile Analytics to measure their mobile marketing campaigns.
Data clearly shows that when the offer is closely aligned to the needs of a particular consumer profile, click-through and conversion rates increase, often doubling. Using Bango Analytics mobile site owners can determine the characteristics of those most receptive to their marketing message. This information is then used to focus marketing campaigns on the countries, networks and handsets which return the highest conversion rates.
AdEye, a mobile marketing company that uses Bluetooth technology to target ads at consumers, ran billboard ads for Sony Ericsson and selected Bango Analytics so it could analyze the responses.

“We want to understand more about who was clicking through – what network were they on, what device did used, how they responded to the offer, what they did next? Bango Analytics gives us this level of detail which is incredibly valuable to our clients.”– Tommy Jensen, CEO of AdEye.

Data from Bango Analytics showed that 47% of responses came from the number three mobile operator in Denmark, Telia, while just 29% came from the largest operator, TDC. An impressive 32.9% of the users that made a Bluetooth request went to the WAP campaign site.
By looking at the Bango Analytics data, Tapatap – a mobile social game site – calculated mobile ad conversion rates and acquisition costs per member. The impressive conversion rates have confirmed Tapatap’s strategy of focusing their marketing on mobile.

“We are using Bango Analytics for a wide range of tasks – one is to audit the traffic we are getting from the various traffic networks we use. We aggregate traffic from a wide variety of sources and wanted an independent means to ensure that the traffic we receive is what we are paying for. Bango Analytics has proven to be very valuable as an independent auditing tool.”– Andy Riedel, CEO of Tapatap.

The key to a successful mobile advertising campaign is buying traffic from the right mobile network as the subscriber profile of each varies – some have a younger demographic, others more professional users or more willing to try out innovative, new services.

“Our clients are interested in carrier-based targeting. One of our advertisers placed ads across our mobile social networking SMS inventory. The short text-based ads included a URL to download a branded mobile game. We used Bango Analytics to track click-throughs and compare results across the major carriers.”– Derek Merrill, Chief Innovation Officer at MoVoxx, a mobile advertising agency focused exclusively on SMS marketing.

It is easy to insert tags or tracking links into the mobile site to identify traffic from advertising campaigns and search keywords. Data collected can quickly be analyzed to determine the return on investment from each campaign. Bango Analytics operates as a hosted service, allowing mobile website owners anywhere in the world to connect their sites to the Analytics service in minutes and start getting results free of charge. Try it at