Animation footballerWinning team help 70 clubs in the football league go mobile

AnimationFC is set to become the UK’s number one football mobile content provider with the help of Bango. By the end of the year, 70 football clubs in the league will have a presence on the mobile web including Tottenham Hotspur FC, Newcastle United FC, West Ham Utd FC and Aston Villa FC.
AnimationFC creates and supplies content to UK league football clubs, including its unique brand of player animation videos that can be downloaded and paid for by fans anywhere in the world using Bango’s global payment system.
Celtic FC and Rangers FC are currently live with West Ham Utd, Fulham and Sunderland being activated within the next few weeks. The mobile club sites will be powered by Bango to provide fast, easy access and charging for content from football fans world-wide. In addition to its trademark animated videos, AnimationFC provides other official, high quality content including screensavers, wallpapers and realtones, tailored for each club.

“Football clubs are keen to engage directly with their fans no matter where in the world they are. By providing a bespoke solution for each club with Bango’s technology powering the sites, we are giving the clubs an easy on-ramp to the mobile web. Now users can directly experience their favourite club and buy fun and exciting content on their mobile phones over the internet.”– Gavin Skelhorn, Director of AnimationFC

Fans from around the world can access and pay for content thanks to Bango’s unique global payment system which offers a seamless and transparent experience for users including compliance to the Payforit billing standard in the UK. Fans can also pay for content using debit/credit card and PayPal.
Promotion of the sites is carried out by each individual club. For example, Rangers capitalizes on its PC website traffic at link will open in a new window and directs visitors to specific pieces of content on mobile using the Bango Web Trigger. The club also provides a direct link to its mobile site via an SMS shortcode using the Bango Txt Trigger. Here, users simply text the word RANGERS to 62866 and receive a WAP Push back to their mobile which, when clicked on, takes them directly to the Rangers FC mobile site where they are free to browse and buy content.

“The mobile web now has something for everyone whether you are a sporting fan, want to follow your favourite band, play games or keep up with news and events. It’s important for football clubs and all businesses to capitalize on this new mobile opportunity and our job at Bango is to make it easy for everyone.”– Ray Anderson CEO, Bango

The mobile web creates the perfect environment for football clubs to extend their brands and build a new revenue stream. By offering the same browsable experience as on the PC web, users are driven to sites via search and advertising along with other promotional methods. One-click transparent billing builds consumer trust and marketing activities and campaigns can be tracked to refine and optimize the offering.