Partnership helps customers take the complexity out of mobile content distribution

Bango and iLoop Mobile today announced a partnership that delivers a new way for brands and content owners to quickly and easily offer professional storefronts for mobile content with flexible billing. The collaboration enables customers to build both mobile websites (WAP) and PC websites without the pain of having to code from scratch or the headache of integrating with a multitude of payment systems. This partnership allows customers to promote and sell their content to users anywhere in the world.
One of the first WAP sites to be built as a result of the collaboration between iLoop Mobile and Bango was the ES Interactive, LLC’s new LaVida reggaetton music, games and Hispanic content site. This site was built by integrating iLoop Mobile’s patent-pending mobile application platform with Bango’s billing technology. As one of the first Spanish language WAP sites, LaVida enables reggaetton and Hispanic content fans around the world to pay for and download content straight to their phone – simply by text messaging Lavida to 23163 – on any network, in any country worldwide.
“ES Interactive, LLC specializes in providing applications and content to the Spanish speaking market,” said Rebecca Albert, partner at ES Interactive. “Our LaVida WAP site is designed to bring the most current reggaetton music, games and Hispanic content to a mobile-enabled generation of fans. By using a combination of iLoop Mobile and Bango technology, we are able to forge direct, interactive relationships with our consumers. The ease of use afforded by the iLoop Mobile platform allowed us to bring the LaVida WAP site online quickly and the tight integration between iLoop Mobile and Bango enabled integration of our billing system worldwide.”
iLoop Mobile’s mobile application platform makes it easy for brands and content owners to create storefronts, manage mobile content inventory and deliver it directly to mobile phone users. The mobile Internet site creator features a simple drag and drop interface that allows anyone to easily and quickly build mobile Internet sites. The PC storefront builder can build sites from scratch or quickly enable existing sites for mobile content distribution. iLoop Mobile’s content management system is also available for efficient storage, management and delivery of mobile content such as images, music, video, games, handset applications and more. It can also manage inventory and purchases of physical merchandise via mobile phones.
“Today’s mobile channel is a direct, information-relevant way to interact with current and potential customers,” said Steve Koskie, CEO of iLoop Mobile. “However, mobile application solutions have traditionally been incomplete or too complex for brands to easily create mobile storefronts and sell their content. iLoop Mobile allows brands to capitalize on the unique possibilities of mobile marketing and content distribution. By integrating our storefront builder with Bango’s technology, we can now deliver a one-stop-shop to our customers.”
Bango enables fast, easy access to sites for users, provides user identification to content providers and then enables consumers to pay for mobile content using the best available payment method. By managing their own sites, content providers gain new revenue streams and total control of content – including pricing, promotion and customer support.
“This is the first time anyone can provide a browse and buy mobile Web experience for their customers, in a matter of hours,” said Adam Kerr, Bango vice president, North America. “The availability of low-cost, high quality mobile storefronts marks a key advancement for the mobile Web just as online storefronts did for the PC Web.”