• Enables developers to increase sales through targeted marketing
  • Provides industry-wide benchmarks to improve revenue performance

Bango announces the launch of Bango Boost v2. Building on the MEFFY award-winning first release, Bango Boost v2 enables major stores and merchants to use predictive insights to:

  • Optimize marketing to increase spending on specific billing routes
  • Target offers at specific customer profile
  • Collaborate with operators to customize campaigns

Bango Boost v1 achieved significant success for operators by focusing on the causes of friction in payment routes. It increased basic transaction success rate by between 20% and 40%, and sometimes more. Bango Boost v2 expands on this, providing stores and merchants with comprehensive data analysis, including benchmarking performance against the wider market.

Shared across more major app stores than any other payment provider, the Bango Payment Platform processes hundreds of millions of transactions generating a vast pool of payment data. The platform analyzes the data, including consolidated and anonymized user activity, authentication and billing authorization records, billing success and failure history to enable stores and merchants to boost revenue growth and customer experience.

Applying the information captured by Bango Boost v2, stores and merchants can distinguish customers by their activity levels to reward customer loyalty and target marketing. Bango Boost v2 identifies potential blockages to first-time purchases to support growth across the entire customer base.

Bango expects Bango Boost v2 to directly contribute to End User Spend growth in 2017.

“The range and diversity of app stores and billing routes transacting through the Bango Payment Platform provides information that can’t be obtained anywhere else”, said Andy Bovingdon, Vice President of Product Marketing at Bango. “The information can be used directly by developers and stores to connect payment behavior with marketing activity to grow transaction volumes. For marketers, getting customers to click the ‘Buy’ button is the most highly prized call-to-action”.

“For a content provider like Psonar, the ultimate call to action is when the customer responds to an offer by making a payment,“ said Jacqueline Tarry, CMO Psonar. “The Bango Payment Platform with Bango Boost is able to monitor our performance, compare it across the industry and identify the top areas to improve – helping us deliver the best service for our customer’s. The ability of Bango Boost to quickly spot improvements and grow revenues has transformed our sales performance”.

Bango Boost v2 is available to all partners using the Bango Payment Platform.