App stores now offering carrier billed payments to tens of millions of new customers through the Bango Platform.
Bango has recently launched carrier billing routes for its app store partners in several additional markets, underlining the role of the Bango Payment Platform at the heart of the growing global app store economy.
Following Bango’s growth in Latin America, these latest launches around the world provide carrier billing through the Bango Payment Platform to users of:
1. Samsung GALAXYTM Apps that subscribe to O2 in Germany and Movistar (Telefónica) in Spain
2. Google PlayTM  that subscribe to Taiwan Star and XL in Indonesia
3. Windows Phone StoreTM that subscribe to Umniah in Jordan, Movistar in Mexico and Three in the UK.
The Bango Platform enables one-click mobile payment, maximizing payment conversion rates and driving significant additional revenue for app stores and mobile operators. Bango’s platform acts as a single point of integration for app stores and MNOs around the world, enabling them to effectively deploy carrier billing on a large scale. Bango enables app stores to increase their sales by making payment easier, faster and universally available through a single platform technology.
Bango already powers carrier billing in more than 140 markets globally, and is the only payment platform that works in partnership with every major app store to offer carrier billing.
The introduction of frictionless carrier billing transforms the app store experience for smart phone users. Ease of payment, and a more widespread reach when compared to credit card payment, means that Bango routinely measures revenue increases in the order of 300% to 400% when its payment platform is activated by an app store. As a result, Bango has emerged as the global leader for app stores wanting to offer carrier billed payments to their customers. Amazon, Samsung, BlackBerry, Facebook, Mozilla, Google and Microsoft all use the Bango Payment Platform to power carrier billing, and the world’s Mobile Network Operators increasingly depend on the platform to activate carrier billing in every app store.
Commenting on Bango’s global momentum, Bango CEO Ray Anderson said:
“Today’s announcement demonstrates that Bango is a crucial part of the monetization strategy of both global app stores and major mobile network operators. These industry players know the importance of launching carrier billing in a greater number of markets quickly, and trust the Bango Payment Platform to deliver this vital revenue driver. Smartphone sales and digital content sales continue to grow globally and we are proud to be part of this exciting expansion of the app economy”.
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