From the outside, a superhero appears just like anyone else. But behind that seemingly normal exterior is the power to do great things! Bango’s unique superpower is driving the success of global online commerce businesses with powerful platform technology and data driven insights. In less than two minutes, we’ll show you how you can leverage Bango’s superpowers to turn your payments and resale businesses from Clark Kent into Superman!

Supercharge your bundling and resale business to stand out from the crowd

From Batman’s cape to Thor’s hammer, every superhero has their ‘thing’! What’s yours? How do you make your bundling and resale business stand out? Consumers love a deal, so if you get it right, reselling and bundling provides a business win. It increases customer loyalty and boosts your long-term revenues.

Transforming your business into a market leading, differentiated offering that sets you apart from the competition is simple if you know how. From offering a range of leading products from the most desirable brands to supercharging your resale and bundling business with data driven insights that increase uptake, Bango makes it easy. Get the right offers to the right people at the right time – with the least effort!

Find out how Bango’s superpowers can supercharge your bundling and resale success.

Supercharge your payments business by scaling through merchant partnerships and winning more users

While comic-book superheroes have strength, speed and stamina, businesses have their own power source – data insights. These are the world’s most precious commodity! Use data to optimize payment performance and maximize subscription take up and longevity. With data insights it’s easy to understand how your business is doing – where you’re winning and where you’re not!

At Bango, we bring data and payments together. This winning combination is recognized by leading online commerce retailers and payment providers, who choose the Bango Platform to power payments for their customers. Bango Platform innovations mean more customers subscribe to your products and services, for longer. Access real-time data to analyze payment performance, track the fast-selling products and the rising stars.

Join the Bango circle and access global leaders, like Google, Amazon and Microsoft. See why using Bango payment technology makes sense.

Supercharge your online commerce with Bango Boost

A single spider bite was all it took for Peter Parker to go from skinny student to superhero! Once your payments and resale business is live, you need to maximize the opportunities and grow success. Use industrywide data benchmarking and analysis to grow your customer user base, boost loyalty and retention, and increase revenues.

Bango Boost is the super strength behind many successful resale and payments businesses. It is a proven customer and revenue growth program, available to anyone connected to the Bango Platform for payments, resale and bundling solutions. By applying AI technology to millions of transactions, Bango Boost delivers insights that drive up engagement by putting the right message in front of the right users at the right time. Acquire and retain more customers and grow revenue across your business with Bango Boost.

See how to inject your business with the power of Bango Boost.

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