Partnership announced with Japanese giant Benefit One

Bango announces that Benefit One, the leading Japanese employee benefits platform, has added video streaming subscriptions to its online benefits service through the Bango Platform.

From April 2023, employers in Japan that use the Benefit One employee benefits and incentives system can offer video streaming to their employees as part of Benefit One’s bundled services. Eligible employees can use “Kyutoku Payment” from June 2023 to deduct the subscription fees from payroll, and by doing so they will receive a 10% point rebate as a benefit.

Movie, TV and music subscription services are an integral part of everyday life, for example US internet households with OTT services have an average of 5.7 services. A recent Bango survey revealed that 78% of consumers want one single platform to manage all of their subscription services. Employee benefits companies like Benefit One are well placed to take advantage of this opportunity along with telcos, retailers and banks. By providing a range of the latest subscription service offers that are easy to access, sign up to and pay for, these companies can increase customer engagement, retention and boost the value of their end customer relationships.

Bango Resale technology works like a Digital Vending Machine, enabling Benefit One to quickly and easily offer the most attractive subscription services for their members to pick and choose from. One connection with the Bango Platform enables a wide range of subscriptions to be offered to consumers, significantly reducing development time and effort. For Benefit One, this enables the quick and easy addition of new member benefits.

Adding the video streaming service to the membership benefits is essential to offering the most compelling products and services. With Bango Resale, Benefit One are able to reduce time-to-market and launch new benefits easily and cost effectively.

“We’re excited to work with Benefit One to add the latest and greatest subscription services to their range of member benefits. Bango technology takes away the complexity and makes it as easy as possible to get to market fast with the products and services members really want.”

Andy Suzuki, SVP SPAC at Bango