Bango has opened-up a 2 billion subscriber market opportunity by launching new OTT partnerships that reach subscribers across pre-paid mobile, fixed line, broadband and cable TV platforms.

The new partnerships enable subscribers in Spain, UAE, India, Singapore, Philippines and New Zealand to enjoy popular streaming media subscription services as part of their existing plans, enabled by Bango Resale technology. These launches, in the first half of 2019, come hot on the trail of Bango Resale launches in the UK, Brazil and USA.

“Bango Resale technology supports a wide range of different offers through multiple channels, enabling leading OTT partners to easily open-up new markets in addition to mobile, acquiring customers quickly and at very low cost”commented Anil Malhotra, Chief Marketing Officer at Bango. “Providing bundled media packages acquires millions of new customers, creating valuable, recurring revenue streams for OTT players, and at the same time provides all-important market differentiation and loyalty for the channel partners that promote the bundles.”