A fundamental component of Bango’s commitment towards tackling climate change is to maintain a net zero carbon emissions footprint. Putting sustainability at the heart of the business, we are proud to announce that we have achieved a carbon-neutral status.

Through a combination of measures including minimizing consumption, purchasing renewable energy or energy offset certificates and more widely, carbon credits from independently certified carbon emission reduction projects, we are now carbon-neutral, and proud of it!

“Bango is an inherently low-energy consuming, low carbon-producing business, but there is still plenty that Bango people can do to support the global effort to cool down the planet. I am delighted to have achieved carbon-neutral status at Bango and will continue to work with our partners to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.”

Paul Larbey, CEO at Bango

During 2021, Bango will make a further drive to encourage 100% of Bango investors to switch to paperless communications. Bango already provides the majority of shareholders with electronic communications – including statutory notices – and with digital reports, such as this Annual Report. We will encourage those remaining investors that receive paper to switch to digital only. Any investor that wishes to continue receiving printed paper through the post will be invited to make a small donation to cover production and mailing costs and contribute to carbon offset.

For more info and to download the full sustainability report, visit our Environmental, Corporate social responsibility and Governance page.