Delivering Amazon Prime memberships to customers through Airtel

Bango has expanded the use of its platform to provide resale and bundling technology to Amazon, enabling customers to sign-up to Amazon Prime in India through resellers that offer product bundles.

India’s largest mobile network operator, Bharti Airtel, is the first to make Amazon Prime available as part of a bundled package offered to its customers. Eligible customers can activate the offer through the Airtel TV app, entitling them to enjoy the benefits of a free one-year Amazon Prime membership.

The Bango Platform ensures that the moment the customer accepts the service it becomes active and they receive uninterrupted access for as long as they continue to subscribe. This launch represents a new application of the Bango Platform to enable reselling at scale.

“Bango partners have identified another way to meet customer needs for instant, uninterrupted access to the best content and services.  Bundles and resale are a natural business model extension for merchants wanting to increase customer reach”, commented Ray Anderson, CEO, Bango. “This launch highlights the versatility of the Bango Platform and strength of relationships that have seen Bango take partners into new territories, for new types of goods and services, through one, standard platform.”

This launch follows the successful launch of Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) for Amazon retail customers in Japan (June 2017), which then expanded to customers of Amazon Prime and Prime Student membership programmes (November 2017).