Bango launches the worst ad campaign

We bought the worst ad in the UK. We regret nothing.

Deep in the heart of urban Manchester lives the worst viewed advertising billboard in the country. So – naturally – we placed an ad there.

Why, I hear you ask? To prove a point.

Our billboard, located next to a load of rubbish in an obscure area of the city, will get about as many eyes as your expensive search ad will, because search advertising is broken.

At Bango we have known for a long time that the only way to effectively generate new business from your online ads is through purchase behavior targeting.

Now we can prove it.

Alongside our neglected billboard ad, we ran an experiment analyzing over 65,000 online search ad impressions. The goal? To find out if search ads are really reaching the audiences promised, or whether marketers are pouring money down the drain.

As predicted, more than a third of the search ads we placed never reached the promised audience. That’s worth repeating – 1 in 3 of our search ads were shown to someone with no resemblance to the target audience. And for those that did, more than a quarter failed to reach anyone in the market to buy.

Our billboard isn’t looking too shabby now, is it?

But never fear. Bango Audiences offer a reliable correction to the flawed world of search targeting. A way to link online ads to people that are interested in your product and willing to buy.

Our purchase behavior targeting platform analyzes payment insights from billions of dollars of consumer spending across major online commerce platforms, delivering customized audience segments straight to marketers. Marketers can then advertise to people who are actually interested in buying.

Now that’s targeting.

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