Bango today introduced the new Bango Vision package with advanced tracking and analytics capabilities that enable brands and content providers to see and understand visitors to their mobile internet sites. Bango Vision provides detailed and accurate insights into a mobile customer base, across hundreds of mobile networks world-wide. For the first time, the effectiveness of mobile advertising and marketing campaigns and their return on investment (ROI) can be accurately measured.
Bango has tens of millions of mobile user profiles in the Bango global platform. Each profile contains data on spending behavior, user history and lifetime value plus the user’s country, network and handset. In addition to this data profiling, Bango Vision provides a “digital fingerprint” of each mobile visitor so businesses can track individual users visiting their mobile internet sites and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
“Although common on the PC Internet, information on visitor location, buying habits and surfing patterns is very difficult to obtain in the mobile internet space, “ said Roger Entner, vice president and industry analyst, Ovum. “Getting much more detailed and accurate information on visitors is important to the emerging mobile advertising industry.”
With Bango Vision, brands can:

  • Track visitors to better understand customer habits and trends
  • Identify new and repeat visitors and deliver appropriate content to them
  • Personalize mobile internet sites in real-time as visitors interact with the site
  • Track where users are coming from – their country and network
  • Target users in different countries with different campaigns
  • Tweak mobile campaigns to achieve greater success
  • Equip ad sales teams with key performance data

“Only Bango has the platform to provide detailed insights into mobile users on a global scale,” said Andy Bovingdon, VP of Product Marketing at Bango. “Brands use Bango to leverage the mobile multiplier effect – to target and reward the most active mobile customers. Brands also get a greater insight into their marketing by comparing the responses from online advertising, PC website marketing and off-line promotion of mobile services.”
Bango Vision is ideal for ad-funded mobile sites or brands developing a mobile strategy that does not include chargeable premium content. Mobile sites can be integrated with leading search and discovery solutions world-wide allowing customers to track the return on investment for premium search and advertising campaigns.
Bango Vision also provides promotional tools which brands use in their mainstream marketing to drive traffic from print, broadcast and web channels to the mobile site. Leveraging the existing marketing programs enables brands to continue the direct relationship they have with their consumers on the mobile phone.
Bango Vision will be available in February 2007. To learn how businesses of all sizes are using Bango to seize the opportunity to engage directly with their consumers on the mobile internet, visit