Focusing on customer loyalty, the latest Bango Market Index benchmarks carrier billing purchase frequency, enabling mobile operators to see how their customer loyalty compares to peers.

Attracting and retaining loyal customers is crucial to success and depends on several elements including customer experience, product awareness and product desirability. If a high proportion of your users are purchasing one month, but not coming back – why? Are there any blockers? How can you engage with them?

Bango helps you turn your infrequent purchasers into frequent purchasers by:

  • Optimizing your customers’ payment experience
  • Identifying customer segments to target and incentivize
  • Identifying the content that increases customer loyalty

Set your carrier billing performance expectations with the Bango Market Index. Whether you want to understand how loyal your carrier billing customers are, or loyalty across different market types, this Bango Market Index delivers a unqiue view across the market.

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