Bango announces a powerful array of new Bango Marketplace partnership agreements across Asia. These agreements strengthen marketing, sales and support for marketers that can benefit from the unique capabilities of Bango Audiences in five countries across this mobile first region.

The power of Bango Audiences to increase the success of campaigns in acquiring paying users for apps is increasingly recognized by app focused agencies, publishers and app developers. The Bango Marketplace partner program supports businesses that apply Bango Audiences to their app campaigns, or who work for app developers and need to boost revenue and campaign success for their clients.

China-based Tec-Do, a leading performance network, has entered the Bango circle as a distributor of Bango Audiences. Tec-Do has synergistic long-standing global marketing partnerships with Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Twitter.

Hong Kong based mobile developer Zoomob is distributing Bango Audiences to the app developers they work with across Hong Kong and China. They will also use Bango Audiences to focus Facebook marketing campaigns for their own top tier apps.

Taiwanese agency Conetter, part of the Gamania group, is applying Bango Audiences to their game and content marketing. They will promote Bango Audiences to their online commerce clients to amplify the revenue generated by their award-winning marketing campaigns.

In India, Gravity Integrated is distributing Bango Audiences to their client network to complement their focus on integrating data-led consumer insights with technology to create powerful growth solutions for clients.

Indonesian performance marketing agency Optimise Media is deploying Bango Audiences in their network of global brands to focus marketing activity towards customers with a proven history of payment.

Shuhao Li, CEO at Tec-Do said, “It is standard practice to target your existing paying users or retarget users based on a level of engagement with your app. With Bango Audiences, the innovation is targeting users who have paid for similar content that is outside of your existing user base, so you are adding new users who can and do pay, creating a step change in campaign conversion rates. Partnering with Bango to increase the paying user base for our in-house games, and for those of our clients, is a new and exciting opportunity.”

Speaking on the partnership, Prashanth Challapalli, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Gravity Integrated said, “Data has a lot of answers but you need to ask the right questions. Gravity Integrated is a data-led, skin-in-the game business growth solutions company with multi-platform execution capabilities across India, SEA and EEMEA. Bango’s offering adds a lot of value and effectiveness to all our clients across geographies. We are betting big on this partnership as we continue to expand our data capabilities”

Paul Larbey, CEO at Bango commented: “An innovative new approach, especially one based on advanced technology and improved approaches to protecting user privacy, is always best when delivered in partnership with industry leaders that are close to customers. I am delighted that Bango has been able to prove the effectiveness of the radical new approach to marketing with our new partners and look forward to working closely with them in the coming years”