It’s been just over a year since Bango Marketplace launched and already it is being recognized as an innovative route to increasing the paying user base for apps.

Business of Apps has hailed Bango Marketplace as one of the Top 20 user acquisition companies. These are the companies that are vital for app marketing success, the ones leading the way in helping acquire users, the lifeblood of all apps. Announcing their best UA companies this week, Business of Apps said:

“To return the investment into your mobile app and let alone to increase your app ROI, you need to grow the number of its users….”

It’s this out-of-the-box approach that makes Bango Audiences unique. Using a Bango Audience in your Facebook app marketing campaign is an innovative way of bringing UA and monetization together. It enables you to target your campaigns at new users who can and do pay in similar apps. App marketers who use Bango Audiences see a significant conversion rate to paying users.

  • A popular music app saw a 9X increase in paying users by applying a Bango Audience in Indonesia
  • Marketers of a puzzle game app with 20k installs enjoyed a 4X increase in paying users in Canada
  • A 1M installs lifestyle app yielded an impressive 6X more paying users from their app campaign

How does it work? It’s all about payment data. Bango’s data scientists analyze the information from over $2Bn of in-app payments. The insights derived from this are used to create diverse categories of paying user audiences, from social casino to health and fitness, education to RPG. Our audiences are made up of users from different countries, so app marketers can easily pick and choose an audience that’s right for them. App developers who use a Bango Audience not only gain new users, but users proven to pay in app.

In our latest ‘3 minutes with’ interview, the global app developer Nexon talked about their innovative approach to UA – and how Bango Audiences are a part of their ongoing strategy.

“Bango Audiences help us to find and target those users who are not only likely to have high ad engagement rate, but also likely to make IAPs when they play. We have utilized Bango Audience for Nexon’s domestic and global UA campaigns, and the results have substantiated that Bango Audiences do perform better, with higher conversion rates compared to other target groups (interest, demographics wise).”

There are many routes to user acquisition. There are many routes to monetization. When app marketers bring the two together, it gets them to revenue quicker. It is a winning combination.

Try a Bango Audience in your next campaign and grow your paying user base.