Bango is partnering with Dropbox to expand its global user base. Through this partnership, Dropbox will be able to expand its subscription offering through telcos that have adopted the Bango Platform to deliver third-party offers.

Bango’s platform eliminates the technical and operational complexities of launching new vendor offers across diverse channels and markets. The e-distribution model allows telcos and other distribution partners to go live within a few weeks. Bango recently acquired Docomo Digital, expanding its extensive network of global distribution partners for digital subscription services.

“Over 700 million users around the globe trust Dropbox when it comes to storing, sharing, and getting tasks done with their most important files. Our best-in-class security, privacy, reliability, and ease of use make Dropbox one of the most reliable technology brands that customers love to use. As work has become more distributed,  people need to access their content and accomplish tasks easily, from anywhere. This creates natural synergies with telecom operators who provide broadband and 5G services.” 

Jamie Young Perlman, VP of Business Development at Dropbox

“Market leaders look to Bango to scale their partnerships with key operators which helps them to reach new, paying customers everywhere. Dropbox has incredibly high user engagement and retention, making it a natural choice for telecom operators as the need for cloud storage and collaboration services increases.”

Anil Malhotra, CMO at Bango