Bango and MobileAction, the app store optimization and app intelligence platform, are collaborating to boost in-app payment revenues for app developers through smart campaign targeting.

MobileAction’s global community of app developers can now gain a substantial competitive advantage by targeting their campaigns at the users most likely to spend in apps. Created by analyzing payment information gathered across billions of dollars of in-app purchases, Bango Audiences enable app marketing campaigns to directly target new paying users. By applying Bango Audiences, the revenue generated from user acquisition campaigns has been proven to increase by between 2x – 9x compared to targeting “vanilla” audiences that do not offer payment insight.

MobileAction’s developer community can take advantage of special offers on audiences listed in Bango Marketplace ( The audiences are ready to plug in to Facebook campaigns with no effort by the developer.

Consumer spending in apps will reach over $155 billion worldwide by 2023, forecast MobileAction. Competing for a share of this spend requires increasingly sophisticated marketing and monetization techniques. With the worldwide average cost to acquire a paying user in a gaming app costing $35.42 (LiftOff, 2019), the ability to go straight to new users with a history of paying in apps can turn a loss-making campaign into a profitable line of business.

Aykut Karaalioglu, CEO at MobileAction commented; “MobileAction’s aim is to give app developers the competitive advantage, app marketers have never had a proven method of getting their offers and promotions directly to new paying customers until now. Bango Marketplace is a new and unique approach to maximizing ROI from user acquisition campaigns, we’re excited to offer our customers access to this new way of marketing.”

Ray Anderson, Bango CEO commented; “We welcome MobileAction’s network of app developers to Bango Marketplace, which showcases high value audiences of users with a proven interest in paying for games and other digital content. App developers now have a unique way to boost revenue earned from in-app payments and other charging models by simply applying Bango Marketplace audiences to their existing campaigns.”