Bango enables ODK Media to offer Chinese and Korean streaming services to international audiences

  • Initial focus of the partnership with mobile operators in North America

Bango and ODK Media Inc., have entered a partnership to increase access to ODK Media’s Korean and Chinese video streaming subscription service.

By partnering with Bango, ODK streaming services become easy for telcos worldwide to offer to their customers. By bundling the services with mobile and fixed-line subscription plans, millions more Korean and Chinese speaking customers can enjoy great entertainment online.

ODK Media operates an OTT platform that provides Korean and Chinese TV shows to consumers around the world under the brands and ODK Media has been a pioneer in content streaming in the U.S.A. and other countries. Initial focus of the partnership is on mobile operators in North America.

Telcos who want added value to engage more closely with segments of their subscriber base will benefit from this partnership. This partnership will enable millions of users who live outside of Korea and China to access content in their mother language with ODK Media’s subscription bundled with their mobile plan, or as a bolt-on, using the Bango Platform to enable these offers to be delivered.

Bango Resale technology provides a single, powerful solution that ensures ODK customers enjoy seamless access to their services. In addition, the Bango Platform provides both ODK and their telco partners with data insights to target bundle offers to generate higher customer adoption, leveraging the audiences available in Bango Marketplace to find new paying customers.

With the direct billing capabilities of the Bango Platform, ODK can also provide Transactional Video on Demand (TVoD) capabilities to enable customers to access premium content such as the latest blockbusters and box sets, alongside their core streaming subscription.

ODK Media CEO Young-Joon Cha commented: “This collaboration with Bango underlines the importance of innovation in sharing our great on-demand services with the widest range of customers. We see Bango as providing both the technical integration with the mobile operators, and the technology to increase customer engagement and find new audiences of paying users in our target countries”.

“We are delighted to help ODK scale their streaming services. This creates a great opportunity for telcos to broaden their content offer and create a very engaging service,” said Andy Suzuki, SVP APAC. “This partnership with ODK Media highlights our continued success in helping customers in Asia open-up global markets.”