Bango has won the award for the ‘Most Innovative DCB Technology’ at the Global Direct Carrier Billing Awards 2017, continuing a very strong year. Hosted in London on Tuesday, 26 September, as part of the Global Carrier Billing Summit event, this was the first Global Direct Carrier Billing Awards competition.
This award recognizes the new technology and capabilities added to the Bango Platform to handle the many complexities involved in the recent launch of carrier billing by Amazon Japan. In June 2017, the Bango Platform enabled carrier billing in the world’s leading online store, in the world’s leading e-Commerce market, for over 75% of the population, signaling the first large-scale move for this alternative payment method into the $23Tn e-Commerce retail market.
Bango is proud to provide the technology used by the world’s leading stores to enable carrier billing. This innovation award reflects the role of the Bango Platform in enabling the market to offer carrier billing at scale, increasing payments inclusivity for the billions of smartphone users around the globe.