Bango announced today it is powering a revolutionary new service that turns the mobile phone into a personal “on the go” library. Bango’s billing and digital fingerprint technologies have enabled Macmillan Publishing Solutions (MPS) to create The Global Reader – a new service that gives consumers access to books, articles, newspapers and other print content on their mobile phone easily and inexpensively.The MPS service is expected to shift the publishing world because it offers publishers a new distribution channel and provides a direct link with consumers. Because the Global Reader service is mobile-web based, publishers will be able to interact directly with customers and – using Bango technology – receive detailed information about customers.
The Global Reader will enhance the way people access printed material. “We never envisioned people would want to read War and Peace on their phones,” said Bob Kasher, one of the developers and originators of The Global Reader. “What we responded to was the idea that millions of people have mobile phones in their pockets.”
Those people, Kasher said, may want to read a couple of chapters of a book while travelling or commuting instead of lugging the entire printed copy with them.
Bango’s understanding of the complex world of mobile networks was critical to the development of this service, Kasher said. “Bango helped us make the process of selling and buying books over the mobile web simple and fun.” Bango technology enables consumers on any mobile network, anywhere in the world, to browse content on the Global Reader and make purchases via their phone bill, by credit card, or PayPal.
MPS worked with Bango partner Fli Digital, which developed a custom content management system, mobile specific user-interface intended for WAP, and integrated it all with Bango’s identification and payment services specifically for the Global Reader mobile experience. The ability to authenticate users means consumers can assemble a “library” of free and paid books. Additionally, given some content is lengthy; the mobile site has a “bookmark” feature which allows the reader to save their spot online for each of their books – useful in long reads, travel guides, and even cookbooks.
“Only Bango has the platform to provide detailed insights into mobile users on a global scale,” said Adam Kerr, VP of Sales at Bango Inc. “By using Bango’s technology, the Global Reader will enable millions of book fans with a mobile phone to discover, connect and download their favorite books via the mobile web.”