When launching new resale and bundle offers, time to market is critical for resellers such as mobile, fixed line, and cable operators. Offering customers premium OTT services like Amazon Prime and Spotify is a proven way to acquire, retain and monetize new customers. Getting these premium services to market faster can be vital to gaining a competitive advantage.

At Bango we have been working to find more ways of reducing time and effort on the part of the reseller through the power of Bango Platform technology. Having insight into reseller systems, we recognized that by enabling batch processing of subscription entitlement status, we can significantly reduce development time on the part of the reseller, speeding up time to market.

As a direct result, resellers are now able to batch update customer entitlement status without having to develop deep API connections, which are required if the entitlement status can only be updated using individual system calls.

Batch updates remove pressure on the resellers’ business and development teams. Avoidable delays in system integration impacts a reseller and OTT providers time to launch compelling new services and – more importantly – delays their customers’ ability to take up new offers. The Bango Resale batch processing solution provides low latency and high-speed offer uptake at scale.

In a highly competitive market where customer acquisition and retention are fundamental KPIs for these businesses, the time to market advantage gained is significant. Sometimes, being first is everything.

In one recent example, avoiding the need to schedule and develop the necessary API integration work, batch processing has enabled a reseller using Bango Resale to speed up time to market by at least 2 months.

Batch processing capabilities are now a standard part of Bango Resale. Documentation is available here – https://developer.bango.com/resale/entitlements/batchprocessing/