Launches across telephony, PAYTV, broadband service providers to offer Amazon Prime as part of plans

Bango announces it is now powering the next wave of service providers to launch Amazon Prime as a bundled offer to their customers.

In 2021, the range of service providers using Bango technology to power Amazon Prime subscriptions bundled with their customer plans has expanded across telephony, PAYTV and broadband services. New launch partners include Dish in Mexico, Megacable in Mexico, TeleCentro in Argentina, Vodafone in Turkey, and Waoo in Denmark. In addition, existing Telco partners including Entel in Chile, WOM Mobile in Chile, Mobily in Saudi Arabia and Rogers in Canada have increased their use of the Bango Platform to include the distribution of Amazon bundled offers.

“Bango technology enables an increasingly diverse range of service providers across the world – from Telcos to PayTV, cable and even bricks and mortar retailers – to deliver Amazon Prime via bundled offers to their customers,” said Paul Larbey, CEO at Bango. “This gives millions more customers the opportunity to enjoy Amazon Prime in many more parts of the world, and increases the market adoption of Bango technology.”