Bango pioneering e-distribution of leading entertainment and productivity apps

Bango announces an agreement with McAfee Corp., a global leader in online protection. Under the agreement, McAfee has selected Bango e-distribution technology to expand its global user base through partnerships with service providers, who will bundle and resell McAfee subscriptions, helping protect more consumers around the globe.

Service providers who will benefit from this agreement include telcos, banks, health care providers, insurance companies and retailers. Bango technology improves the time-to-market through partnerships and promotions of McAfee products, removing the complexity of launching across multiple diverse channels and markets. Bango e-distribution capability enables resellers to order and deliver digital licenses according to demand, along with offer targeting, entitlement management and end customer activation on behalf of the merchant.

The Bango Platform also enables other digital merchants to get creative by bundling McAfee services with their products. For example, a cloud storage provider could offer their customers McAfee Total Protection as a sign-up incentive, or an online retailer could bundle it with a laptop sale. Hardware and software product bundles are seeing increasing uptake as the combination creates a more complete package for consumers.

Our partnership with Bango underpins our growth strategy to empower as many people as possible to confidently enjoy life online. McAfee aims to make the connected world more secure and enjoyable for the consumer, offering security and peace of mind in an increasingly digital world”.

Pedro Gutierrez, Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Operations at McAfee

Bango technology is chosen by the industry leaders to present product offers and bundles that excite and delight their customers. McAfee subscriptions are highly complementary to the many entertainment products distributed on demand through the Bango Platform”.

Jim Plimmer, SVP Payment Product Strategy & Sales at Bango