We’re thrilled to announce that Bango has been honored with ‘The Platform Award’ at the prestigious World Communication Awards 2023. These accolades celebrate innovation and excellence in global telecoms.

This recognition is a testament to Bango’s groundbreaking Digital Vending Machine®, a game-changing solution that empowers telcos, banks, retailers and more to Super Bundle subscription services to their customers. Super Bundling offers customers access to numerous subscription services via a single content hub, simplifying payments into a convenient monthly bill. It presents a unique value proposition in today’s fiercely competitive market.

The Bango Digital Vending Machine® helps attract new customers with compelling subscriptions and also streamlines the payment process. No more headaches from managing multiple subscriptions from various sources; the Bango Digital Vending Machine® consolidates them into one convenient location. It not only reduces churn but also drives increased revenue, resulting in a higher average revenue per user (ARPU). Sowmyanarayan Sampath, chief executive of Verizon Consumer Group, said that their +play marketplace — the hub that centralizes content subscriptions for Verizon customers — has been instrumental in reducing defections, calling it “a smash hit among customers and great for our content partners with churn among our customers down 60-70% compared to the average.”

In an industry where convenience and ease of use are paramount, the Bango Digital Vending Machine® is a true game-changer, benefiting channel partners, content providers and consumers. It’s not just an award-winning innovation; it’s a pivotal step towards a more efficient and enjoyable subscription experience.