Giles is responsible for the marketing of the Digital Vending Machine® at Bango. This includes the marketing strategy and execution across all aspects of the marketing mix.

Giles has 20 years’ experience as a marketer and business leader, working for many years in various marketing roles including at Unilever. Giles also ran an AI startup, built a wearable tech business from the ground up, and helped a consumer electronics company become one of the fastest growing privately held tech companies in the UK for 3 years running. He’s also a dad, which sharpens his focus somewhat.

  • If you had a spare Saturday, what would you do? I’d go fly fishing, watch some live rugby or football, then a live band with a few beers in the evening
  • Favorite film: The Crow, Jaws or Jurassic Park, depending on my mood
  • If you could borrow a car for a weekend, what would it be? Since I live in West Byfleet, I’d be in trouble if I didn’t say McLaren, any of them would do