We are delighted to have been ‘Highly Comm24017328403_e57616b652_zended’ at The National Apprenticeship awards, as well as being named in the UK’s top 100 Apprentice Employers list. Being represented on a national level ensured an extremely high standard from many of the big names in global business industries.
Our award provides recognition at the highest level for our Apprenticeship programme which has been running since January 2013. Bango is committed to providing life changing opportunities and routes into employment for young people, growing Bango’s talent pool with highly skilled, forward thinking employees. The work our team does to promote Apprenticeships across Cambridgeshire made us the regional winners, taking us onto the national awards. Bango was also inducted into the 100 best apprenticeship employers, alongside the likes of Capgemini and Google.
On Bango’s inclusion in the top 100 Apprenticeship employers, Skills Minister Nick Boles stated “This year’s Top 100 was hugely competitive with even more leading employers developing world class apprenticeship programmes that deliver the skills Britain needs”.
Bango strives for innovation in performances through all aspects of the business. A key focuses is the long term growth and strengthening of our already excellent team, which will allow Bango to continue progressing its payment platform. The apprenticeship scheme, introduced by COO David Keeling in 2013, has since led to the acquisition of some of the best tech talent in the country. One example is Tanya Stittle, who was recently crowned Apprentice of the Year, at the 2015 Microsoft Apprentice of the Year awards- the first female winner of the award. Tanya added ‘We’re all proactive with our learning. If we want to find something out, we go and find it out- we don’t wait for the information to come to us’.
Bango’s team now has 13 apprentices, more than a sixth of all employees. Their enthusiasm and innovative thinking has led to continual advances in Bango, tying in to an all-round professional and growing team which has struck a balance of experience and emerging talent. Discussing the importance of apprentices after the win, David Keeling added, ‘Their attitude is excellent; they’re hungry to learn and very inquisitive. Our apprenticeship program highlights the emerging talent available and we are proud to be one of the national leaders in taking on these individuals and aiding their successes’.   
The apprenticeship program has become an essential aspect of Bango’s overall commitment to excellence. Bango aims to support extremely talented individuals at every level, ensuring we have the right mix of forward thinking, innovation and experience. We continually look to improve our service, bringing in a constant flow of outstanding talent is a huge benefit to long term growth and ensures new ideas and solutions are constantly at the forefront of everything Bango does.
See more coverage on our Apprenticeship program via The Times website: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/education/article4674855.ece